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At the end of 2011 about 245 million people (~80% of population) were online in the United States and about 10% of all website access was being done through mobile devices. At the end of 2000, world-wide on-line users were approximately 360,985,492. As of June 2015, world-wide users on-line was approximately 3,270,490,584, an increase of approximately 900% of users, World-Wide, connected to the internet!.

In an interconnected world, it's more important than ever to have a 'GREAT' website. A website acts as a business card for the Internet, as it gives any potential customers all the relevant information they need before purchasing a product or a service. A 'Social Media' page doesn’t have the facilities to display this much information and so a customer would be eager to browse your website before making a decision.

School districts, churches, and other agencies are defined by their purpose. All seek to inform those members of the agencies, therefore quick and diverse methods of communication are not only important, they are IMPERATIVE to the purpose!

Having a top-notch website can give you the edge on your competitors as you’re displaying a professional starting point to your customers. A successful business needs a fully functioning website to draw in customers just as much as it needs a regularly updated social network. Additionally, a successful agency with purpose needs a fully functioning website to inform its members of the purpose.

At CustoMerry-WebDesigns our Purpose is to "Ensure Your Website's Purpose is Met". PERIOD.

Request a Consultation NOW: Call NOW Request a no-obligation, in-depth consultation regarding your business goals with one of our 'Web-Designers' today.

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•  Tell our staff about your business, your purpose, and/or products via a brief consult (interview), online or over the phone.
•  Choose from our diverse variety of professional, industry specific designed themes. (Website plan)
•  Use our online 'Design Checklist' to provide us with the images and words you want to use on your site.
•  Questions along the way? Just pick up the phone or send us an email.

•  After selecting your web site theme, our expert designers create your new site based on your requests, as previously discussed with our consultants.
•  We add your text, company logos, and images. If you don't have a company logo, we will make suggestions to assist in it's design. Not sure what you want? No worries. We insert professional photos to make your site look sleek.
•  We also add 'Search Engine Optimization' (SEO) on every page to improve your site's visibility on popular search engines.
•  Once you've approved your site layout and overall look, it goes through our quality control process, and goes live for the world to see!

•  If you need to update the text or change an image in your site, just contact us.
•  You get 6 hours of major updates to use anytime during your first 12 months (Website plan only).

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